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Do you have pests in your home or commercial property? Contact the team at Humphreys Insect Control for swift and dependable results.

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Protect Your Property From Pests

If you suspect an insect or rodent problem, you need a professional pest exterminator in Morris County, NJ.

Fast pest control treatment can help protect your property and all inhabitants. Termites and other insects can spread quickly through a home or building, increasing the difficulty of treating the problem.

Pests can also pose health risks and threaten structural damage. Schedule a pest inspection in Morris County, NJ, to save money by avoiding costly repairs and more complex treatments.

No matter the severity of the infestation, we will rid your residential or commercial property of pests.

Book a free inspection from a leading rodent exterminator in Morris County, NJ.

Morristown, NJ is the county seat of Morris County, located about 50 minutes outside of Manhattan by car. The diverse town of around 20,180 people is known for its Revolutionary War history. Morristown is home to the nation’s oldest National Historical Park, Morristown National Historical Park, which includes a preserved building utilized as a headquarters by George Washington and the Continental Army.

Serving local towns like Morristown, NJ, our team here at Humphrey’s Insect Control has three generations of experience giving the best pest control services in New Jersey. We only utilize pest control products approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) because we always make sure our products are safe and effective.

Hire best pest control services in the Morristown, NJ

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Commercial Pest Control

Pests like rats, mice, and insects can cause expensive damage to commercial buildings, especially their structural elements and electrical systems. Pests also contaminate food, spread disease, and cause psychological distress to anyone who witnesses their presence. It makes sense that having an uncontrolled pest problem in your business can get you into hot water with customers, regulators, and even your staff. All of these pest-related issues will ultimately get in the way of running your business if they are not addressed quickly and effectively.

Commercial buildings in Morristown, NJ and across the country are required to ensure they are free of pests so they do not expose customers and staff to unsanitary and unsafe conditions. It is also smart to prevent the intrusion of pests into your commercial building to prevent the disruption of your business operations. Insects, rodents, and other species that we consider pests are often important parts of the natural world, but they do not belong in your commercial building. Pests are seeking a survival shortcut by trying to take advantage of the warmth, shelter, and food your commercial space provides. You need an expert, licensed pest control company like Humphrey’s Insect Control to keep pests outside in nature where they belong and away from your commercial property. We will develop a plan to remove any pests currently occupying your property and prevent any future pests from entering in the first place.

Humphrey’s guarantees rapid response times, flexible scheduling, and industry-leading customer service. We are experienced in identifying pests and providing customized pest treatment plans that can remove and prevent the incursion of all pests, including termites. Our Integrated Pest Management principles also allow us to remove and prevent the incursion of pests into your Morristown, NJ building without disrupting your commercial operations.

Contact us for all your commercial pest control needs. We offer a variety of solutions, including pest prevention maintenance plans, scheduled treatments, and flexible scheduling.

We can accommodate your schedule to help minimize any inconvenience or downtime. You can rely on us for clear communication and effective treatments. Call now for insect or rodent pest control in Morris County, NJ.

Residential Pest Control

The Morristown, NJ home you live in is filled with food, warmth, and protection from the elements for the benefit of you and your family. Unfortunately, these features are also enticing to pests, and they will try and move into your house. Our job is to prevent them from moving in and to evict them if they have already made themselves at home. You do not want pests in your home because they make for very bad roommates. Pests can scare your family, chew through wires, eat and contaminate your food, tear out your insulation, spread diseases and allergens, and sometimes even cause structural damage to your house.

Humphrey’s Insect Control will get rid of any pests you may already have, as well as prevent new pests from moving in. Our fully licensed inspectors will implement a protection plan for your property that employs a multifaceted strategy of treating areas inside and outside, such as cracks in your exterior walls, gaps around windows and doors, and other entry points. We will also specifically take steps to treat your home to prevent termites. We only utilize NJDEP-approved pesticide products in our protection plans.

Choose a trusted local company for residential pest control in Morris County, NJ. At Humphreys Insect Control, we provide convenient, affordable solutions for infestations in your home.

Let us help protect your home and family. Contact us to arrange residential pest control services and learn more about our pest maintenance programs.

Seasonal Treatments

The specific pest populations threatening your Morristown, NJ home vary with the seasons. In the summer and spring, arthropods like spiders, wasps, bees, and insects are very active. However, during colder seasons, rodents looking for warmth in human dwellings are more notable. We will treat your home or commercial building in a customized way each season in order to attack the most prominent pests that time of year threatens your property with. Our treatment plans are based on expert knowledge of and experience with the different kinds of pests in the Morristown, NJ area and their seasonal activity levels.

Over Five Decades of Experience

Humphreys Insect Control has served Central and Northern New Jersey for over 50 years. Our experience and commitment to your satisfaction help distinguish us from other Morris County, NJ, pest control companies.

If you need pest control in Morristown, NJ, Humphrey’s Insect Control is the team for you!

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