Pest Control in Rockaway, NJ

Insect and Pest Control in Rockaway, NJ

Rockaway Township, NJ is the largest municipality in Morris County, with a population of around 25,341 and a land area of over 45.5 square miles. The township is popular with young professionals and families and is known for its natural beauty and historic sites. Notable locations within the township include Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area, Mount Hope Historical Park, and two historical sites on the National Registry of Historic Places: Split Rock Furnace and the Ford-Faesch Manor House.

Serving Rockaway Township, NJ and other local areas, Humphrey’s Insect Control has three generations of experience giving the best pest control services in New Jersey. We only utilize pest-control products approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) because we care deeply about making sure our products are safe and effective.

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial buildings are vulnerable to damage from pests like rodents and insects, which cause extensive damage, including to structural elements and electrical systems. Pests also pose a danger to the occupants of commercial buildings by contaminating food and spreading disease. If your commercial property is struck with pest issues, they can often get in the way of running your business by causing distress and harm to clients and employees and, in some cases, by drawing the attention of regulators.

Commercial spaces must be sure that they are pest-free so they do not expose clients and employees to unsanitary situations. Pest species make their way indoors to seek the warmth, shelter, and food humans build for their own benefit, and commercial spaces are as good a target for pests with those goals as any. It is very important to have an expert and licensed pest control company, like Humphrey’s Insect Control, working to protect your Rockaway Township, NJ commercial building from pests.

Humphrey’s clients are guaranteed to receive outstanding customer service, flexible scheduling options, and quick response times. Our experts are also experienced in identifying insects and providing customized pest treatment plans to deal with any pests, including termites. We have Integrated Pest Management principles that allow us to prevent pests in your Rockaway Township, NJ commercial space without interrupting or disrupting your day-to-day business operations.

Residential Pest Control

Your Rockaway Township, NJ house is a safe haven for you and your family that is warm, inviting, and protected from the elements. Unfortunately, pests are looking for a safe haven, too, and they may try to make themselves at home in yours. It is our job to prevent that situation. You do not want to share your home with insects and other pests because they will chew through wires, steal and contaminate your food, tear out your insulation, and even cause structural damage. Pests also bring germs and allergens into your home that can threaten the health of you and your family.

The Humphrey’s Insect Control team of pest control professionals will work with you to get rid of any pests currently present in your home and will prevent new pests from invading in the future. Our fully-licensed expert inspectors will implement a home protection plan to protect your home and loved ones from pests. Each home protection plan involves treating areas both outside and inside your home to keep pests out. The plan will focus on treating pest entry points, like cracks in your exterior walls and gaps around windows and doors, with NJDEP-approved pesticide products. We will also treat your home to prevent an invasion of termites.

Seasonal Treatments

Each season brings with it specific pest threats for Rockaway Township, NJ property owners. For instance, during the warm spring and summer months, arthropods like spiders, wasps, bees, and insects are active threats. During the colder fall and winter months, rodents looking to find warm shelter in human structures are a bigger threat. Our team customizes your home protection plan to address the pest threats active in each particular season. Our treatments are targeted and based on expert knowledge and experience of the different kinds of rodents, insects, and other pests present in the Rockaway Township, NJ area throughout the year.

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